Friday, September 11, 2009

Last music class for Term 1

Today in music class, Mr Sadrakh  explained more about the C Major scale and more, like the G major scale and the E major scale. Then, he gave us homework due for Term 2! But before we lft for instrument class, Mr Hery told us to do the Developmental Booklet(even if he did explain about it yesterday). But since today will be the last instrument class in Term 1, Mr Sadrakh didn't waste that much time. In instrument class, Mr Sadrakh asked us who got the lowest score for the performance and nobody got any low marks. And then it was lunch time so we had to go............. Until next time folks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Music Reflection of Wednesday 9 September

Today on music, we did the usual, checking of names and resources. I also got, or rather bought a new violin from Mr Sadrakh a few days ago. I was quite happy when i got the violin. After that, Mr Sadrakh told us the score for the solo performance and most people got good marks. Then Mr Sadrakh revised the C major scale and why it's called a major scale. Mr Sadrakh gave us homework on the G major scale and how come it's not like the C major scale. We only got a few minutes for instrument because Mr Hery had to make an important announcement of the Development Booklet which we have to type or reflection and send it to Mr Hery and Mr Sadrakh. In instrument class,(as you already know) Mr Sadrakh discussed about the scores and who got the lowest but nobody got the lowest........And that is all

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Music Reflection Thursday 3-9-2009

Today, was assessment day. So the first thing i saw when i entered the room was people practicing. So I also practiced before the assessment. Before the assessment, Mr Sadrakh gave us the criteria for the assessment. Then, it was time for the assessment. All we had to do was perform with the integument. It was easy, but, we all have to perform alone. 1st was violin, 2nd was guitar, 3rd was woodwind and the last was piano. Mr Harry Wisnu, recorded all the performances while Mr Sadrakh played the background music. After that, Mr Harry's brother played the trumpet 2 times. Then, we wanted him to play the French Horn. While preparing, Mr Sadrakh told us the scores for the presentation and the individual work. Then, Mr Harry's brother played the French Horn. Before we went for lunch, most students wanted to Mr Sadrakh to play the Electric violin but he said he'll do it next week. Mr Herry told us that Mr Harry's brother will be coach of the brass ensemble.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First few weeks of music

I don't really remember how many weeks since the first music class but, i do remember what we did. On the first day, everyone began choosing their instruments, I didn't really know what to pick since they don't have any vocal, Tristan suggested that I should choose the violin. So after thinking about it, I decided to pick the violin. Then on instrument class, Mr Sadrakh showed us the violin, but, since we're new, Mr Sadrakh told other students to play if I'm not mistaken. On the next music class, I think that Mr Sadrakh introduced to us some traditional music. The music is called "O Ina Ni Keke"On instrument class, Mr Sadrakh showed us how to hold the violin and the bow. On the next music session, we practiced O Ina Ni Keke and kept on practicing and on instrument class, Mr Sadrakh gave us(the new students) our first song to play and he said we had to practice at home. The song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Tristan helped me on the 1st few notes. On the next music session, Mr Sadrakh gave us a new song, it's called "Apuse". It's another traditional music, but shorter than O Ina Ni Keke. Then, on instrument class, Mr Sadrakh told each of us to play a piece. On the next music session, Mr Sadrakh told us to sing the Apuse song for practice. Then, on instrument class, I was able to play all the songs Mr Sadrakh gave me with some help from Tristan. On the next session, Mr Sadrakh told us to make a Power Point about a certain type of music. My group chose Sundanese music. On instrument class, Mr Sadrakh gave me a song called "Song of the wind". The middle part was tricky though but i could do it. On the past few weeks, Mr Sadrakh gave us some homework and we checked it altogether until it was time to present. My group was the 2nd to perform. Most of the other groups didn't get to present for some reasons. Now this week, Mr Sadrakh told us to get ready and practice our instruments because he said we are going to perform for our assessment.