Thursday, September 3, 2009

Music Reflection Thursday 3-9-2009

Today, was assessment day. So the first thing i saw when i entered the room was people practicing. So I also practiced before the assessment. Before the assessment, Mr Sadrakh gave us the criteria for the assessment. Then, it was time for the assessment. All we had to do was perform with the integument. It was easy, but, we all have to perform alone. 1st was violin, 2nd was guitar, 3rd was woodwind and the last was piano. Mr Harry Wisnu, recorded all the performances while Mr Sadrakh played the background music. After that, Mr Harry's brother played the trumpet 2 times. Then, we wanted him to play the French Horn. While preparing, Mr Sadrakh told us the scores for the presentation and the individual work. Then, Mr Harry's brother played the French Horn. Before we went for lunch, most students wanted to Mr Sadrakh to play the Electric violin but he said he'll do it next week. Mr Herry told us that Mr Harry's brother will be coach of the brass ensemble.

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