Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Music Reflection of Wednesday 9 September

Today on music, we did the usual, checking of names and resources. I also got, or rather bought a new violin from Mr Sadrakh a few days ago. I was quite happy when i got the violin. After that, Mr Sadrakh told us the score for the solo performance and most people got good marks. Then Mr Sadrakh revised the C major scale and why it's called a major scale. Mr Sadrakh gave us homework on the G major scale and how come it's not like the C major scale. We only got a few minutes for instrument because Mr Hery had to make an important announcement of the Development Booklet which we have to type or reflection and send it to Mr Hery and Mr Sadrakh. In instrument class,(as you already know) Mr Sadrakh discussed about the scores and who got the lowest but nobody got the lowest........And that is all

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